Services Offered

dry needling

Dry needling is not to be confused with acupuncture (Traditional Chinese Medicine). There are similarities to acupuncture but in contrast dry needling is based on western medicine for the management of musculoskeletal and sports injuries. Dry needling involves inserting non medicated needles into trigger points of a muscle to allow relaxation and a localised inflammatory response to occur to help with the healing process.

There are two forms of cupping, dry and wet. Our preferred method is dry cupping. This does not form any bleeding but bruising may be observed afterwards due to the expansion of the blood vessels. Suction cups are placed on the skin which may help with circulation, inflammation and pain. It can also be used as a form of deep tissue massage. 

keniso/sports taping
There are three types of tapes used in our clinic:
Kenisology tape is great for bruise recovery and works by sending  messages to the sensory motor system allowing the sensory nervous system to be used.
Dynamic tape increases the push in your range of motion by sending a propriocetive sensation to your brain via your skin and muscles. This is similar to someone pushing your muscle a little further which assists with performance
Rigid taping is used when there is a sprain or strain and we need to
immobilise the joint so the muscles and ligament can recovered without unnecessary loading.

Manipulations is a high velocity low amplitude force that is a applied to the joint via the chiropractors hands or a chiropractic tool which helps unlock the joint allowing more free play of the joint and relaxation of the muscles and ligaments.

At times when a manipulation or adjustment is not favourable a mobilisation will be performed as this is a more gentle approach which is of low velocity to guide the joint back into movement.

rehabilitation  – using gym facility
Rehabilitation is one of the most important aspect of all the treatments
and this retrains the problem area and or associated areas to get back to the pre-injury/dysfunction state to bring you back to the most pain free state viable. Rehabilitation ranges from stretches, strength and
conditioning and retraining how the brain perceives pain. Our Cabramatta clinic. The Cabramatta clinic being located within a gym provides our patients with best care as the gym facilities can be incorporated into your rehabilitation program.

CTP/workers comp
Our team is SIRA accredited and have treated numerous CTP/Workers compensation. Just need a referral from your treating GP and a valid claim number and upon assessment we can discuss if our services are suitable for you. The Cabramatta clinic being located within a gym provides our patients with best care as the gym facilities can be incorporated into your rehabilitation program.

Chronic disease management
We treat anyone who is on a Chronic Disease management program (formally known as EPC (enhance primary care). This program enables you to get upto 5 medicare funded visits where you need to pay the difference in the consultation fee. You need to see your GP to see if you’re eligible for the program.

special interest in chronic pain
Chronic pain is pain that’s ongoing and lasted more than 3 months. At Unified Chiro we look we listen and address the issue as a whole as pain is more and is more than just the physical injury. With our sessions if we believe that further referral is needed to other health professions we will suggest it for your best interest.

We treat all sort of injuries in our scope of practice. No injury is too little or too big for us to address.

Nutrition is an important part of recovery. Chiropractors are trained in nutrition. Joseph our chiropractor is also furthering his studies and is in the process of becoming a qualified nutritionist so you know you’ll be in trusting hands.